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i love this game SO much! its fun and interactive and the hamsters are so damn cute, i love the small details in animation added. makes the experience so much more wholesome. kudos! 

game's great but there's a bug where hamsters can just.. fall through the floor


Hello abowman,

My name is Antonia Gates, I manage the games at I really enjoyed Hammy Home: Hamster Simulator, I think it would be a great fit on our site!

I'm writing to ask if the game is available for non-exclusive licensing. Our licenses are totally non-exclusive, so you would maintain all of the IP rights and could continue to develop and distribute the game however you'd like to.

Please let me know if it is available, and how much it would cost. I'm looking forward to discussing this with you soon!

Best regards,

Antonia Gates

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rate my hammy home 

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There's a glitch where all of the platforms (?) suddenly dissapear when you try to place another one. It's fixed when you reload the game but still very annoying.

( These are the platforms i'm talking about:  )
Edit: Here's my hammy home btw! 

Thanks for letting me know about this.  I haven't seen this issue before.  Hopefully I can repilcate it on my pc so that I can fix it.

I see what you mean!  I was able to reproduce the bug when I tried recreating the platform setup you have in your hammy home.  I'll fix this over the weekend.

This bug is fixed in version 1.3.19.  You might need to restart your browser to get it to update.  Thanks for finding and reporting that bug.

pls add lightsssssssss


oop buddys blocking le tube XD

Did they work it out or did you have to help them?

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this is the same one but its a share link instead of the embed XD

i did the embed for this'names!%255B'apPc2Pc2i5i5i3Pc3i3Pc7Pp2Pp1Pp1%253Ah3Pr1...

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This is cool, but can you edit this so that it is the link.?   (Could hurt performance for hammy home above)

I'm surprised that it works in the comments.


Edit:  btw, it looks like I need to fix a bug with the progressbar in the embed version.  

Edit 2: fixed issue with progressbar and issue with hams not climbing into cage well from T tube below.  Thanks @Anonymous_darky

Edit 3:  I had to delete the embedded version.

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my suggestion is a light item

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check out my hammy home with that link :>

u  put so many hamptsers it was like fps 1 ping 6000. and imagine having that on a chromebook and i just did

laggg and also its really cool. but still lag but cool but lag but cool but lagg but cool

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I'm not sure why it's performing poorly for you.   I wonder if hardware acceleration is turned off.  Check chrome://gpu

Works fine on my cheap lenovo chromebook.

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well if you put it that way then leveno is better than a school chromebook. and  every day i get on it boom fps 2 ping 69 then it works perfectly when i dont have any tabs open.


works on mine too no lag at al

Thanks @fuzzhusk for sharing your hammy home.  You showed me there was a bug with placing the bridges in cages which is now fixed.

oh i liked that with briges it looked cute


OMG IT HAS MY SAVED PROGRESS (i play the game in its app)


I have the app :>

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was it just me or did anyone else just sit there and watch the hamsters run around in circles for like an hour... 0-0

y o s


bruh im like"round and round the hammy wheel goes, where it stops, nobody knows."

so funny


Looks a bit like my classroom pet's cage but not rlly :> PLS ADD MORE HAMSTERS AND FURNITER I LUV u GAME 999 STARS PLZ ADD MORE 


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this is the most cutest thing ever!!! i love it so much, it makes me very happy :) i hope you can add more things soon!